Can I alter your standard design to suit my needs? Yes. All our designs can be altered to suit your individual needs. Having built so many different homes we have seen many different variations. YOU are making one of the biggest investments of your lifetime so we want you to have the home that you want.


Will variations cost me more? This depends on what has been altered. Generally speaking if you delete an item you will get money back, reposition an item, then no cost and if you add an item then there is a cost attached. We will assure you that any variations will be completed in the most effective way possible.

Can we change the way the home looks from the street? Yes. Each home comes with its own style of "Elevation" or "façade" which can be altered to suit your individual taste.

Can you help us find a block for a House and Land Package? Yes we are in touch with many real estate agents and developers and carry extensive knowledge of various land in the region. We will make this easy.

Can I get help with our colour selection? Yes. Our company offers with every home our highly trained colour consultant that will guide you and help you make the best decisions for your home.

Will I get a copy of all the paperwork? Yes. Through out the entire process your Building consultant will keep you informed and give you copies of all paperwork, everything is documented.

Can we make alterations after we start to build? Generally Yes. However this is dependent on what you are considering to change. Will it affect the rest of the home and what stage is the construction? There is a variation fee charged. This is due to the changes required to plans, document and orders  that is required.

Do we have a FIXED price contract? Yes. We use the Master Builders Association new homes contract as all should do.

How long will it take to build our new home? This depends greatly on the market conditions at any given time and the complexity of your home, generally speaking the actual construction time will be approximately four to eight months. The pre-construction timeframe can be outlined, based on your existing circumstances, by your Building Consultant.