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Bryan and Petersen Homes is a family owned and operated business providing over 40 years of service to the ever growing Ballarat Geelong and Warrnambool regions.

Bryan and Petersen have built a reputation for quality, honesty, innovation, and above all caring about our customers.

Bryan and Petersen Homes is a respected member of the Master Builders Association and HIA, your investment is safe you can relax in the knowledge that your new home will be completed on time and on budget.



Bryan & Petersen Homes have won many industry awards. Our range of homes have been carefully designed with everyday living in mind and they are continually being developed to reflect and set market trends.

Plans - Our Homes have also been designed with the Australian families comfort and lifestyle in mind, and consequently we have a huge range of sizes and styles to meet your individual allotment and budget needs.

Flexibility - Here at Bryan & Petersen Homes we are proud of our carefully designed range of homes, however we also understand that you may want something changed to suit your families lifestyle, changes small or large are our starting point.

You choose the façade - Many of our homes are available in a range of stylish facades allowing you to personalise the look of your home.


Bryan & Petersen Homes have management systems in place to ensure the quality of workmanship and materials used in building of your new home are of the highest standard.

We are a company small enough to satisfy your individual needs and always strive to make that important difference in the service we provide.

Our expert Construction Supervisors oversee a manageable number of homes to ensure quality control is at its most efficient and effective.

Our Construction Team are devoted to delivering a high standard of communication to both our trade teams and to you during construction.


Bryan & Petersen Homes are at the forefront of energy efficient design, all of our homes meet the minimum energy efficiency standards or completely exceed them

Our dedicated consultants are highly trained on this particularly unique subject and look forward to helping you through the process of building energy smart homes.

Our Homes have beed independently thermally tested to provide our team with a greater understanding of thermal performance factors when building

Energy efficient Bryan & Petersen Homes help you enjoy your lifestyle and save you mony year after year.


Bryan & Petersen Homes Quotes are among the most competitive in the industry

No Gimmicks - We aren't the kind of builder who tries to win customers with flashy gimmicks and unrealistic "specials and artificial price cuts" designed to divert your attention from the real issues - we deliver service, quality and value as an everyday standard